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The United Operations Charter defines the principles and ideals upon which the United Operations Community runs.

This is the official location of the United Operations Charter.

1.0 Mission Statement
United Operations is a community dedicated to the active promotion of teamwork, cooperation and simulation in gaming. As a community we use the following to serve as our direction and function.
  1.1 - Maturity, Friendship, Professionalism, Respect, Cooperation, Teamwork and Courtesy are the core virtues in our community.
  1.2 - Tactical and Simulation gaming, and the application of these concepts is the intent of this community.
  1.3 - No Member of the community shall be granted privileges, powers, protections, exemptions or otherwise receive special treatments which exceed those held or are available in common.
  1.4 - We are a free and open community - Monetised participation is not required. Those whom donate do so of their own choosing.
  1.5 - Freedom of speech - No Member will be penalised for expressing their opinions so long as done in a Mature, Professional, and Respectful manner.

2.0 Operations
Operations are the standard method of community involvement in the decision making process and can be enacted across all aspects of the community. All regulars have common influence in votes to decide the direction and administration of the community.
  2.1 - Standard Operations - All Operations are considered a Standard Operation, unless otherwise modified.
    2.1.1 - Regulars are granted one (1) vote in Operations, additional titles gain no additional voting allotment/value.
    2.1.2 - Operations last for seven (7) days, and require a two-third (2/3) majority to pass.
    2.1.3 - Operation are presented as an anonymous request, excluding Regular/Officer Proposals.
    2.1.4 - Votes shall be counted in an Automated/Anonymous method.
    2.1.5 - Failed Operations may not be resubmitted until two (2) weeks from it's scheduled conclusion.
  2.2 - Officers
    2.2.1 - Operations for the induction of new Officers must be decided by a majority vote lasting two (2) weeks.
    2.2.2 - Officer Removals are decided by a majority vote lasting two (2) weeks.
  2.3 - Personnel Removal Operation
    2.3.1 - Personnel Removal Operations are Standard Operations that last for two (2) weeks and require a two-third (2/3) majority.
  2.4 - Charter Amendments
    2.4.1 - Operations to add or amended rules must pass with a three-fourths (3/4) majority vote lasting two (2) weeks.

3.0 Rules
The rules of this community, the provisions so outlined in this document and the Standard Operating Procedures shall inform player conduct expectations.:
  3.1 - Cheating and hacking shall result in immediate and permanent removal from our community.
  3.2 - The rules of this community shall be applied equally across all mediums and services.
  3.3 - All operations of government must be publicly displayed. Any Regular may request and shall be entitled to any and all information regarding administrative operations.
  3.4 - No Member shall wilfully act or conspire to supplant the rule of the Charter nor SOPs of this community.

4.0 Personnel
  4.1 - Non-regulars
    4.1.1 - Non-regulars have no representation in operations of government, although they are free to express their opinions and are a valued part of the community.
    4.1.2 - Non-regulars are gifted with but not guaranteed due process, protection of the Charter or Standard Operating Procedures. Non-regulars are guests who may be removed by the summary justice of other Regulars and
            overseeing Officers of respective areas if there are blatant violations of the Charter rules, Standard Operating Procedures or other clearly demonstrable reason. Blatant offenders may be summarily banned or otherwise
            disciplined without guaranteed instrument of redress. Summary instances of justice may be contested and overturned by a standard operation.
    4.1.3 - Non-regulars are guaranteed no privileges or rights which are awarded to Regulars, either in the Charter or in Standard Operating Procedures. Where privileges or rights are afforded, they are at the discretion of the
            Regular or official authority.
  4.2 - Regulars
    Regulars represent the core of the community. Regulars are players who wish to take part in the organisation and administration of the community, they embody and support by way of discussion, and promotion of the Charter and
    the SOPs of the community.
    4.2.1 - New Regulars are inducted by a Standard Operation.
    4.2.2 - There are two (2) methods to initiate a vote for Regular status: - Self Selection: Any registered forum user may ask to be inducted as a Regular. - Appointment: Any Regular can appoint a player to be voted on as a Regular.
    4.2.3 - All applicants must be registered and active members of the Forums for a minimum of forty-five (45) days prior to application.
    4.2.4 - All applicants are expected to participate reasonable in Teamspeak activities prior to application.
    4.2.5 - Regular Removals are conducted by a Personnel Removal Operation.
    4.2.6 - Any Regular may resign their position as a Regular by post in the UO Forum.
    4.2.7 - Regulars who have not logged into their forum account within ninety (90) days will be removed as Regulars.
  4.3 - Officers
    Officers are expert volunteers oriented to perform a defined task within a category of expertise.
    4.3.1 - Regulars may volunteer to become Officers.
    4.3.2 - Officers may not have any privileges or powers exceeding their tasks.
    4.3.3 - All elected Officers shall be granted the powers to administer the TeamSpeak server.
    4.3.4 - Officers may delegate their pre-existing duties and powers, as defined by the Charter, to other Regulars. Each office must maintain a clearly worded definition of delegated powers and a complete list of those who are
            tasked with them. Definitions and lists must be publicly view-able on the Forum. Delegates may be voted out of their positions by a general operation (simple majority poll with one (1) week duration). Delegates voted
            out of a position cannot be granted delegated powers again under that office unless voted upon by the community of Regulars.
    4.3.5 - Any Officer may resign their position as an Officer by post in the UO Forum

5.0 Offices
  Categories of expertise are as follows:
  5.1 - Web Services Office: These Officers are tasked with ensuring the website and related services are operational.
  5.2 - Game Server Office: These Officers are tasked with ensuring the healthy operation of the game servers, including remote access and administration, as well as maintenance and expansion scouting. These Officers are tasked
        with ensuring that players have an effective and simple means by which to update their games and play here at United Operations.
  5.3 - Mission Making Office: These Officers are tasked with managing the missions currently on the game and test servers, verifying problem missions and removing them through a transparent process, and educating the community on
        the addition of new missions to the servers.
  5.4 - Public Relations Office: These Officers are tasked with monitoring, improving and developing inter-community relationships, promoting and expanding the community base, and for promoting events.
  5.5 - United Operations Training Center: These Officers are tasked with the implementation of official training courses within the community, the development of courses that coincide with the standard of play at UO, raising the
        overall standard of play, producing training plans, and the hiring/dismissal of instructors within the department.

6.0 Standard Operating Procedures
  The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) serve as a guide for the conduct of operations within each category of expertise delineated under the Officer section of this document. The SOPs may contain relevant procedures,
  expectations, and documentation. The following apply to community action and interaction with the SOPs:
  6.1 - It is the primary responsibility of the Officer(s) overseeing each area of expertise to maintain and update the SOPs of their particular section as needed or required.
  6.2 - Operations to add, remove or amend line-item SOPs are considered standard operations and are treated as such.